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Project "WildflowerMums" 2019- Our Story

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

A Project that holds heavy in my heart for 2019

Join me as I document the every day woman.. The journey she took and how she became the true goddess she is today. I was inspired by first speaking with my fellow Mums - stories shared about the loss we sometimes hold silent in our hearts when we forget who we once were BC (before child.) I wanted to take it a little further... Yes I am inspired by my fellow Mums.. but I know every women has a story to tell. We often wear many "Hats" as woman (Mothers, Doctors, Wives, Single Ladies, Entrepreneurs, Chefs or Waitress) .. embracing our sexuality as women can be put on the back burner. I want you to take off the hat you're wearing today and embrace the Woman You've Become!

I may not have proper grammar, spell well, or write like a poet... BUT -this year I want to tell your story through Self Portrait & Boudoir Photography . Stories of loss, health, travel, pregnancy, abuse, birth,depression, elopements ....or just to celebrate you!

You name it.

If you feel this pulls to you and you would like to be apart of my journey..

Subscribe to my new blog by entering your email and join us. I will also be offering 1 free sessions a Month in 2019 (you must be willing to tell your story and interviewed ,sign a model release, answer a questionnaire & write bio of your journey).

If you would rather document privately and want a personal private session feel free to contact me with any Questions & Rates.

2019 Vision -bring light and a voice to our stories...because we often don't tell it and you never know who just might really need to hear it.

Coming Soon.. a mother's journey, her strength and loss... portraits through my lens and her words to you.

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2 commentaires

Vanessa E
Vanessa E
17 janv. 2019

Thank you for th e wonderful comments and support ! I’d love to tell your story .. contact me and we can set something up


I am so in love with this!!

I want to book a session.

Just has to next month for sure.

Exciting!!! So happy your doing this.

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