About Me



Born & Raised in Chicago's Northshore.. Schooled in the Burbs of Skokie where I met my Husband at age 5 ! We didn't know it yet but we would be destined for love. We Grew into a family of 4 (much later on) making me a Momma bear of 2 crazy yet amazing boys. They taught me the value of documenting our lives and just how much I love Lifestyle/Candid/Documentary Photography. 

What you might consider everyday behavior.... I see a picture that tells a story. 

A story about a day with your family and the love you share, it truly is one of a kind.

Families love my fast pace more candid style. 

I'm a big goofball, more of a tomboy and grammatically challenged lol. Which means I lead more so with the right side of my brain. I love a good bourbon or red wine to end a stressful day. On any given day you can find me with no makeup and my hair tossed in a mom bun. 


My Sessions are an experience, hopefully not as stressful and just me hanging out with you.

Kids & Pets are unpredictable but that can be the best part. Keep his favorite teddy, let me see the high energy of your toddler and the shy one hugging on momma. You can be a goof with your loved one or show me that sexy side you want to capture (without the children around ;).

These one of the kind characteristics are the true moments you want to capture and remember. Because memories may fade... but your photos will always be there to remind you.

It is my honor to be a part of your most special moments. 

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