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When you invest in anything you want to understand what you are investing in

Photography is no different


Understanding Your Investment

Photoshoots can be so expensive

This conversation  "Money Talk" can be so awkward but necessary when spending a larger amount.  

Let's get down to the nitty gritty 


Preparing for Sessions and Themes

✔Time Traveling , research for items, décor, place and availability, shopping for new and amazing items to keep current on trends

✔Consulting |Emails | Phone Calls

✔ Time Marketing- yup all those post and videos

that's me creating content- emails, posts  social media and more

✔Continuing education- Just like all occupations constant education is key to success and keeping up with the jones' 

✔Props| Décor |Backdrops |Clothing- oy the time and prep

can be days and weeks + cost  $600-1000 a set

but the end result so worth it!

Behind the scene before and after

✔30-60 min of saving and backing up your session

✔30-90 min  - culling sessions- Depending which session/event I'm shooting the average is anywhere from 300-1500 images to look through... woof time for a good show and a glass of wine😉 ! 

✔Editing: editing a average session takes anywhere from 2-8 hours depending on the edited and session type 

✔1 hour Creating your gallery- Uploading and adding personal touch to your final showing 

The average expenses of most photographers all range on situation and specialty 

Gear  - Average $5-10k 

Software | Website | Gallery & Lab - $600-1500 year



Studio Rent


Marketing Cost

Just like anything Pictures are an Investment the one thing that differs from most...  

Images last a lifetime 

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