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Before Your Session

Newborn Session Tips

Congrats on your soon to be newest addition!!

Before I\you arrive try to keep baby awake in the couple hours leading up to the session.  If baby has slept all morning they just might be ready for a long awake period, which makes the job of getting them sleepy and positioned all that much harder, and a longer session.  Play with baby, talk with baby, and maybe even give the baby a bath before the session – whatever it takes to keep them alert for an hour or two. When session starts they’ll be ready for a long nap!


Moms make sure baby has a nice, full tummy right before your session.  Wait until I\you arrive before feeding. While you are feeding baby, I will go over props, options, concerns and expectations. This way, when session starts baby will still be full and has probably fallen asleep, and I can immediately get started on the session snapping for an hour or two without many interruptions. I’m always more than willing to stop during session if baby needs a feeding break.

Please dress your baby in something loose fitting that zips or buttons up so we don't upset them by pulling anything over their head.  

For nursing Moms, be careful with what you eat for about a day leading up to the session. Any sort of spicy foods can make the baby uncomfortable or upset their tummy.  And an upset tummy will always mean lots of tears and little sleep!  So avoid spicy foods, or any foods the baby may have allergies to, at all costs! 


Let’s talk Clothing

 When it comes to clothing the idea should be to wear items that will show well when images are printed and hung in your home over decades. I suggest wearing solid colors or little to no patterns they can be distracting. We also want baby to shine so if patterns are your thing baby can wear a wrap or outfit that will pop while everyone else has solid colors.

Gone are the days of “Matchy-Matchy” clothing, however when dressing the family keep tones that are similar. I prefer neutral tones if you need more guidance don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I also recommend a change of clothing. I warn you that when handling a naked baby someone will get soiled! If it’s me, I’m completely fine with it.

A simple solid cotton shirt for DAD keeping clothing similar to everyone else. Moms be as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothes or anything that feels good lose to wear. Once again solid Colors are best or one person with pattern.


Newborns Most of my work is with wraps for baby which I provide. I have an assortment of colors and props. Have Baby in a button-up ONE-Z or zip-up sleeper preferably loose fitting.  One of the worst things is when you have a sleepy baby and then you have to remove shoes and socks, pants, and take a shirt off over their heads – which almost always wakes them up.  Instead, it’s so, so simple to zip down and slip off pajamas while baby remains asleep!  And if the pajamas are loose-fitting, then ideally there won’t be many lines left behind on the baby’s skin.


During Your Session

If at the studio I have everything you need, besides the Pacifier lol -DO NOT Forget. If baby takes a pacifier, you can trust me that you’ll want it there during the session, Rubber pacifier -please do not bring one with hard plastic on it, It tends to leave imprints on  baby's face.  If you are nursing or concerned about nipple confusion.  We will only use it if necessary and for the small amount of time the baby will use it, you should not experience any issues.   


Home Sessions- I will have a portable heater to allow the rooms to be hot and cozy. Blankets and a few wraps. 

When having a lifestyle home newborn session.. keep in mind your rooms that bring in the best light during the day. Write down which rooms at what times give the best light take pictures. And forward me the info. I work with natural light. This way when ready to schedule a day and time I’m one step ahead.


Newborn sessions can be long!  Have/Bring a book to read, snack ready or take a long needed nap. Relax and enjoy – this can be a sensitive and stressful time. I’m here to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible.


Don’t  forget to email me once the birth happens so we can set up a time for your session (preferably within 0-14 days after birth) 


Can’t wait to meet you all !! 


Your Newborn Photographer

Vanessa E.

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