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After the Session!

"Chocolate got all over on the way here or there is a run in my stocking, but you can just edit that out, right”?!
Kids will be kids I totally get it as a mom myself I can relate.
With many skills and magic from photoshop you can have most of these situations retouched. 

What I want to communicate to my clients is what is included and the post process of your shoot.
The difference between straight out of camera, editing and retouching.
Often most of my work happens after your shoot

My process is usually as follows :
✔downloading images from the session
✔Culling (fancy word for looking through and selecting the final ones) anywhere from 300-1000 images
✔Doing a light edited on the selected images
✔Sending images that are a light edit as a proof gallery 
✔once receiving final selection, I finish editing and if package includes retouches 
✔Deliver in a gallery for you to enjoy your digital images

includes color correction, white balance, exposure correction, highlights, shadows, and contrast

White balance: warmth or coolness of the image
White balance correction: process of removing unrealistic color casts in your images.
Exposure: brightness or darkness of an image.


Photo retouching:
the cherry to your Sunday.
The finishing touches for an image. 
Retouching is very different and unlike editing. 

A transformation of an image or tweaking of a photograph using the magic of photoshop with my skills and techniques.

Some Examples of retouching in portraits:
✔Skin smoothing
✔Birthmark /Scar removal/Blemish
✔Fixing Stain/ holes/ discoloring 
✔Eye & Teeth Whitening
✔Removal of object
✔Composites (combining several images alike to make one ideal image also known as head swapping)


Below are some examples of the difference between options and what comes with your package

out of camera/ RAW



out of camera/ RAW                                      Edited                                          Retouched

out of camera/ RAW                                          Edited & Retouched

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